CULTURAS Music + Arts presents

FESTIVAL DEL REBOZO  a Women Rising event that will highlight women from our community who are at the forefront of bringing change to our communities and the world around us.  It is our honor to recognize the contributions they have made for the betterment of our communities and individuals. It is our hope that you will join us as we gather to acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments they have made in the areas of work that include: politics, social justice, business, the arts and more. Their genuine passion and commitment for selflessly serving others is greatly felt in areas of their work that include: politics, social justice, business, the arts and more. 

CONGRATULATIONS to Rosa Martha Zarate Macias who will be honored and receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Other award recipients include: Perla Penalber / Woman Warrior Award
and Celine Jimenez / Mas Chingona Award

Bring your rebozo and proudly wear it if you so desire. We will have rebozos for sale at our “tiendita” and other gift items to showcase the work of local artisans in our little shoppe. All proceeds will benefit Culturas Music + Arts.
At this event you will have an opportunity to engage in a paper flower-making activity. There will be a fashion show to showcase rebozos from various Mexican regions. And, several local artists have been selected to create works of art specifically for a silent auction.
HOW TO ORDER:   Simply send madrina, Jacalyn Lopez Garcia, a Zelle, Venmo or PayPal payment for each $50 ticket.  Jacalyn akaGoldie will issue you copy of your ticket and will ensure that you will be registered at the event. Just be sure to add your name & email or phone number in the comments box.


$50 ADMISSION includes
lunch buffet
fashion show
silent auction
& much more
TIME:  11:00 am - 3:00 pm 
(Doors open 10:00 am)

Spotlight 29 Casino, Indio CA

The rebozo is a traditional garment cherished by indigenous women that is a handwoven shawl made from cotton, wool, silk, and rayon.  It boasts diverse lengths, patterns, fringe and comes from various regions in Mexico.


Purchase tickets from a Madrina Jacalyn akaGoldie and save Eventbrite surcharge
All proceeds benefit the construction
of Culturas Music + Arts
soon to open art center in Coachella, CA


PRESS RELEASE: Lifetime Achievement Award for Rosa Martha Zárate Macías

Culturas Music and Arts’ 12th Annual Women Rising event will celebrate and honor this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Rosa Martha Zárate Macías (La Señora del Canto).

Rosa Martha is known as a heroic singer, composer and popular organizer of social movements. Her genuine passion and commitment to selflessly serving others is greatly respected by diverse audiences ranging from the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.  Rosa Martha is a highly respected visionary and it is a pleasure to announce that she will be performing on this special day in the Coachella Valley.

DATE: Saturday, March 16, 2024
LOCATION: Spotlight 29 Casino, Indio, CA
TICKETS: available on Evenbrite or via an event Madrina

Culturas Music and Arts, a non-profit arts organization and the Alliance of California Traditional Arts (a private non-profit organization), proudly sponsor the 12th Annual Women Rising fundraiser as a Women Rising Festival del Rebozo. Highlights include honoring and celebrating women from our community who serve at the forefront of bringing change to our communities and the world around us in the areas of work that include: politics, social justice, business, the arts and more. The festival will offer an opportunity to embrace the beauty and significance of the rebozo in a lively celebration of Mexican heritage with a fashion show, other entertainers and visual artists.

  • Patricia Cardenas Yilescas, Asst. Director Division of Victim Service at Riverside County District Attorney’s office will be the Keynote Speaker.  Four women have been selected to be recognized for the contributions they have made that impact the betterment of local, national and/or international communities and individuals.  Awardees will be presented in 3 distinct categories: Lifetime Achievement Award to Rosa Martha Zarate Macias; Woman Warrior Award to Perla Penalber; and the Mas Chingona Award to Celina Jimenez. 
  • Festival tickets are sold online via Eventbrite at $50 a ticket. Admission includes a buffet luncheon, entertainment, and the opportunity to engage in a paper flower-making activity. Rebozos from various Mexican regions will also be showcased during the fashion show. Several artworks created by local artists will be on display for the event’s silent auction. In addition, other artisan works will be for sale at the event’s “tiendita” (an artisan store).
  • All proceeds will benefit the construction of Culturas Music + Arts Art Center in Coachella. 

           “I write songs from the workshop of my silence, every one of them speaks of our determination to keep alive our historical memory as original peoples of this land, to break the chains that prevent us from living with dignity and justice. They are songs of hope, faith and encouragement so we can continue our pilgrimage to the House of the Sun, where there is no pain, nor weeping, only flowers, only songs.”    ~Rosa Martha Zarate Macias


BIOGRAPHY: Rosa Martha Zárate Macías

Rosa Martha Zárate Macías is originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco. She has lived in California since 1966. Retired Primary Education teacher, theologian, educator and popular organizer, singer-songwriter. Since 1970 he has been active in social movements in defense, organization and support of the migrant community in the United States. She is co-founder of Librería del Pueblo, Inc. non-profit community organization in San Bernardino, CA. For 23 years she has been a member of the binational coordination team of the Alliance of Former Northern Braceros 1942-1964. Rosa Martha is known as the Lady of Song for her musical compositions that recount the journey, struggle and hopes of the migrant community in their fight for justice and the right to live with dignity.