Embracing Native Cultural Traditions & Rituals

Make Your Own Native Rattle/Shaker
& Talking Stick

Saturday, April 13, 2024 – Time and location TBA
Registration: $15 includes basic rattle/shaker & talking stick kits
Light refreshments will be served

Native American rattles and shakers as they are known to Native Americans are a very important aspect of Native cultural tradition and rituals. An Indian rattle may be used as a dance rattle or it may be used to accompany the rhythm of the Native Indian drums. Many tribes use rattles in Native American ceremonial rituals made from simple rawhide, a material very common to all tribes in Native American culture.

Talking Sticks are a powerful symbol and communication tool used to foster an atmosphere of active listening and respect. During this workshop the presenters will discuss the use of the Talking Stick and traditional native practices that have relevance in teaching speaking etiquette that can inspire mindfulness in our lives.

This guided workshop will focus creating & decorating the rattle/shakers & talking sticks through hands-on instruction.  Personal intentions will be explored from the perspective that these objects are more than just a sound makers and tools for self-enrichment.  They are respected as a predominant part of Native community life, ceremonies and rituals and have become a Native American symbol for  music, dance, medicine, as well as spirituality and the teachings of honor and self-respect.


Workshop participants will receive:

1) An informative explanation of the purpose of the Rattle/Shaker & Talking Sticks and how the participant can create a rattle/shaker & talking stick for their own personal use.
2) Instruction on how to select materials for their creation based on the basic kits will be available for easy assembly.  Other options to embellish creations will be available at an additional cost per item. IE: leather, gems, and more elaborate decorative feathers, beads, trims, etc. Participants are encouraged to bring their own materials to enhance their creations with memorable items. 
3) An explanation about the associated symbolic imagery relating to the intention of the object will be discussed in a group and/or individual setting.

Registration details are forthcoming.
Send inquiry email to: jacalynakagoldie@gmail.com

*COST: Basic Shaker/Rattle rawhide kits will be available starting at $15.  
More elaborate leathers, stones, feathers will be available at an additional cost and can be purchased at the workshop.  Participants are encouraged to bring items they would like to use on their projects.